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Grounding or Earthing

By admin,

Grounding or earthing is junk science from the the alternative health movement that is based on the absurd belief that we need to be barefoot in contact with the earth to keep our ‘electrons’ in balance. If our ‘electrons’ are out of balance, then you get a whole range of health problems. If you can’t go barefoot on the earth, then sellers have some products to sell to help facilitate that grounding. Those that promote the concept have a financial interest in the concept!

The whole concept is biologically and physically impossible. The way that claims are made break some basic laws of physics. It is made up quackery and woo. The claims are bogus. For example you see claims that ‘electrons’ from the earth are better than the one in our own bodies! Electrons are electrons! They are the same wherever they are.

The research it is based on is biased and bogus.